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Additional Info for Washington Claimants

This settlement:

This information is for persons who received release cards from detention facilities in Washington. If you received a release card from one or more of the facilities listed on the right through February 28, 2023, you are eligible to participate in this settlement. If you did not receive a release card from one of these facilities, but received release cards from facilities in other states, click here to see if you are eligible to participate in the settlement. The facilities with an "*" were involved in an earlier settlement with Defendant Keefe Commissary. If you received a payment from that settlement, read the information below about what you may receive from this settlement. Otherwise, click on the button below for more information about the lawsuit, the settlement, and your options.

Adams County Sheriff
Asotin County Jail
Benton County Jail
Clark County*
Ferry County Corrections
Forks Correctional
Grant County*
Grays Harbor County Sheriff*
Kitsap County Jail*
Lewis County Sheriff
Lewis County Jail
Lincoln County Sheriff
Okanogan County Corrections Center
Pacific County Jail
Spokane County Detention Svs
Stevens County Sheriff Jail
Sunnyside Jail*
Toppenish Police Department
Wapato City Jail*
The Keefe settlement:

in 2022, Defendant Keefe Commissary agreed to settle claims regarding six Washington facilities where it was involved. Those facilities are identified by an "*" in the list above. Notices were sent to eligible persons regarding the settlement, and claims were submitted and paid. The recipients of those payments received $10 plus three times the amount of fees they incurred from the release cards. If you received a payment from the Keefe settlement, you are entitled to an additional payment of five dollars from this settlement. If you received a Keefe payment, you will automatically be sent a check for an additional five dollars without having to file a claim. If you were eligible to participate in the Keefe settlement but did not file a claim and receive a payment, you may submit a claim as part of this settlement by clicking the button below.

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