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Additional Info for Nevada Claimants

This lawsuit:

This information is for persons who received release cards from detention facilities in Nevada. If you received a release card from one or more of the following facilities listed on the right, you are eligible to participate in this settlement. If you did not receive a release card from one of these facilities, but received release cards from a facility in another state, click here to see if you are eligible to participate in the settlement.

The Nevada lawsuit:

After this lawsuit was filed, a lawsuit was filed in federal court in Nevada (Watkins v. Rapid Financial Solutions, Inc., No. 3:20-cv-00509-MMD-CSD) that brought claims under Nevada state law regarding release cards issued at the Nevada facilities. That case is still pending and there is no judgment or settlement at present to be distributed. If you are eligible to participate in this settlement because you received a release card from a Nevada facility, you may choose to be a part of the Nevada lawsuit rather than participate in the settlement in this lawsuit. You cannot participate in this settlement and continue to be to be eligible for a settlement or judgment in the Nevada lawsuit should that occur. If you wish to continue to participate in the Nevada lawsuit, you must give up your claims in this lawsuit by submitting an opt-out form, which is one of the options available by clicking the button below to continue. To find out more information regarding the Nevada lawsuit, you can visit its website at

City of Las Vegas Detention Center
Churchill County
Clark County Detention Center
Douglas County Sheriff
Elko County Sheriff
Esmeralda Sheriff
Humboldt County Sheriff Office
Lander County Sheriff  
Mesquite Detention Center
Lyon County Detention Center  
Mineral County Sheriff Office
North Las Vegas Community Correctional
Nevada Department of Corrections Facilities:
ESP - Ely State Prison
FMWCC - Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center
HDSP - High Desert State Prison
LCC- Lovelock Correctional Center
NSP - Nevada State Prison
NNCC - Northern Nevada Correctional Center
SDCC - Southern Desert Correctional Center
SNCC - Southern Nevada Correctional Center
WSCC - Warm Springs Correctional Center
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