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The time for submitting a request to opt out of the settlement has expired.

To to opt-out of the settlement and no longer participate in this case follow the steps below. After you provide the requested information, you will be asked to verify that the information you submit is correct and then may click on the "Submit" button to submit your request. Items with an asterisk(*) must be filled out.

Step One: Your Name. 

Provide your first name and last name in the boxes below. 

Did you receive a release card under a different name than the one you are currently using? If so, enter the enter the prior name under which you received release cards.If you received release cards only under your current name, go to Step 2 and complete this opt-outform.

Step Two: Personal Information

Please provide your  (1) date of birth and (2) telephone number in the boxes below. A telephone number is not required to opt-out but is helpful if we need to ask you any questions regarding your submission.


Why do we need your birth date?

This information is included in records provided to us by Defendants that link their release cards to specific persons. That helps verify your request. Also, sometimes facilities misspell names when issuing cards.  

Step Three: Where You Received Release Cards.

Identify a facility where you received a release card that is eligible for compensation in this lawsuit. 


Step Four: Addresses.

Enter your email address and your current mailing address in the boxes below. Email is the best method for contacting us and providing information to you. 

Step Five: Verify and Submit Opt-Out Request. 

Enter your name below to verify that the information you are providing in support of your opt-out is true and accurate. After completing the verification click the "submit" button and your opt-out request will be submitted. You should receive an acknowledgment on the screen that your request has been submitted. If you receive an error message, check to make sure that all the required fields have been filled in. Click to contact us if you still are unable to submit your request.


The time for submitting a request to opt out of the settlement has expired.

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