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This is the website for a settlement reached in a lawsuit that provides up to $11.6 million to make payments to persons who received prepaid debit cards, often called “release cards,” to receive money returned to them when they were released from a jail or other detention facility.

New!  The order approving the settlement stated that money remaining in the settlement fund after payment of expenses and claims submitted by class members should be distributed as cy pres  awards to non-profit organizations.  These awards must be approved by the Court. Class counsel will recommend that cy pres funds be awarded to two organizations. Class members have the right to review their submissions and comment or object to their requests. You may review those submissions by clicking on cy pres requests.     


The time for submitting a claim has expired. If you were unable to submit a claim before the deadline, you may submit a request to file a claim explaining why you were unable to timely file a claim  to with an explanation for the delay in filing your claim to The final date to request permission to file a late claim is June 25, 2024.

If you filed a claim and have questions regarding missing or expired checks, click on  Payments and Checks for information. 


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